Protect Michigan's auto no-fault insurance coverage - urge lawmakers to vote AGAINST proposed changes

Health care providers across Michigan are urging lawmakers to stop legislation that puts accident victims at risk. This legislation will seriously jeopardize our ability to care for men, women and children who are injured in auto accidents by reducing their insurance coverage.

If you have not already contacted your State Representative on this bill, we urge you to do so now.

The bill also reduces reimbursement to hospitals, physicians, rehabilitation centers and long-term facilities caring for these patients, jeopardizing trauma programs and rehabilitation care for our community.

You can learn more about this legislation’s potential impact by visiting the Coalition Protecting Auto No-fault website.

We encourage you to call or email your State Representative today to ask him or her to protect Michigan’s auto no-fault insurance coverage by voting AGAINST the proposed changes backed by the auto insurance industry.

Elected officials keep a tally of how many of their constituents call in favor, or opposed to, proposed legislation.  So a quick phone call or email from you can make a difference in their vote.

To find your elected official, type your home address in this State Representative locator link: